How to use Facebook to market your books

Most people think Facebook is just for connecting with friends and posting pictures. However, it is deeper than that. You can use Facebook to market and advertise your products and gain customers. As a writer, you can use Facebook to market and sell your books.

It is not hard to use Facebook; it is easy. You just need to know the tricks, and you are good to go. In this post, I would give you some simple ways to wield the powerful marketing tool (Facebook).

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  1. Know your target audience. Every marketing strategy starts with knowing your target audience. When you know your target audience, you will know the kind of advertisement to put in front of them. Once you get your target audience, you can start using Facebook ad. The great thing about Facebook advertising is that you can target your audience. The number of people however would determine the price of the advertisement. You should be very specific when it comes to Facebook advertising, because the more specific you are, the higher the chance of getting potential customers.
  2. Use a compelling text and image. Emotions control about 90% of our decisions. If your image or text is compelling enough, people might click on your advert and would want to buy. You need an Eye-catching and compelling image if you want people to look at your adverts. Make sure the pictures are of high-resolution, and the text is catchy. If your picture and text is not catchy, your audiences might not even take a second look at it.
  3. Send your advert clickers to a great compelling page. Most people make the mistake of sending people to their Facebook wall. This is a big mistake. When people click on your advert, you should send them to a great page that propels them to like your Facebook page.
  4. Offer incentives to your customers. Congratulations, you have done the great work by knowing your target audience, using compelling texts and images and sending your advert clickers to your website. Now it is time to sell your books. The best way to encourage your visitors to stay on your website is by offering incentives. Give your visitors a chance to read on or two chapters of your book or give them free access to a book. People will want to stay in touch with your Facebook page if you have something to offer, and this would become sales for you.

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